Shuruq Tramontini
Creative Technical Artist


(initially called Second Law)

A real-time simulation by Pierre Huyghe.

-> Hauser & Wirth
-> Kistefos Museum Oslo

09/2021 - 09/2022.

Role: Lead Technical Artist

Scanned forest, real-time simulation, generative mutations and sounds, intelligent camera, environmental sensors, animals, plants, micro-organisms and materialized mutations: synthetic and biological material aggregate


Pierre Huyghe Studio

Anne Stenne, producer and curator

Sara Simon, producer, real-time simulation creative director

Assisted by Anne-Sophie Tisseyre, Elizabeth Burmann, Bernardita Pérez, Eduardo Pérez, Sofia Jiron, Jennifer Cohen

Real time simulation
Technical Direction, Real time System: Pixels Pixels
Technical Director: Ivaylo Getov
Lead Technical Artist: Shuruq Tramontini
Generative System Lead: Caco Peguero
Graphics Development: Nick Shelton

3D Modeling: Miwa Espinoza, Michelle Recio, Francisco Cangas Seiba, Alejandro Medina, Dirt Empire - 3D Design Studio (Nicholas Rubin - 3D Lead and Sculpting, Peter Panton - 3D Animation, Oliver Carr - 3D Modeling) Assistant 3D Modeling: Breanna Browning

Machine Learning and AI: Sarah Schwettmann

Sound Design: John Brumley, Gregorio Fontaine Correa

Sound database: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Carolyn Rosten and Sarab S. Sethi

Environmental Sensors: De Vinci Innovation Center

Model: Angelica Spejelkavik Sparre

3D Scanning, Pointcloud Visualisation and Engine:
Matt Shaw: Creative Director
Tom Brooks: Pointcloud Capture and Computational Design Lead
Jacques Pillet: Software Developer
Grey Greison: Pointcloud Capture Specialist
Emilia Clark: Production Manager

Physical milieu
3D Modeling and Production: Kunstgiesserei St-Gallen AG
Living: Amanda Falch
Beekeeper: Nanna Melland
Landscaping, planting: TNT, Villflor, Toppsopp
Architectural planning and realization: motorplan Architekten und Ingenieure, ELEMENTArkitekter AS
Engineering: Dipl.-Ing. Florian Kosche AS Norconsult
Construction and electricity: ITO Produksjon AS, Frya Grustak a/s, M. Carlsen & Sønn AS
Ground survey: Berntsen Plan & Oppmåling AS