shuruq tramontini


Shuruq Tramontini is a media artist and creative technologist based in Los Angeles. Working with game engines and interactive media, she explores relationships between technology, culture and nature. She is interested in game mechanisms and interactive game play to explore and provoke potential futures.

In the past she has worked as the Lead Unity Artist for the anime series Life After Bob: The Chalice Study by Ian Cheng, as well as for Common’Hood, a first person PC game by Plethora Projects. She has also collaborated as the Creative Technical Lead on a realtime project for Pierre Huyghe called Variants, as well as Choreographic Camouflage, a music film with Liam Young.

Currently, she is adjunct faculty at SCI ARC’s MSC Fiction and Entertainment program. She studied Architecture at the Technical University Vienna, Städelschule Frankfurt and at SCI-Arc.

CV_PDF upon request