shuruq tramontini

Shuruq Tramontini is a 3d artist and creative technologist based in Los Angeles. Working with game engines and interactive media, she explores relationships between technology, culture and nature. She is interested in game mechanisms and interactive user experience to explore potential futures.

In the past she has worked as the Lead Unity Artist for the anime series Life After Bob by Ian Cheng, as well as for Common’Hood, a first person PC game by Plethora Porjects. Shuruq is also the creative technical director on an upcoming project for Pierre Huyghe and the technical director for a dance choreography by Liam Young. Currently she is an assistant teacher at SCI Arc. 

Born in Baghdad, Shuruq grew up in the arab world and Europe. She holds a BSc from the Technical University Vienna and a Master of Art in Architecture from Städelschule Frankfurt - this has led to an emphasis on spatial relationships and blends a deep understanding of space and engagement with interactive technologies. She further holds a Master of Science in Fiction and Entertainment from SCI Arc which has led to diverse experiments in a spatial practice merging cutting edge technologies and resulting in virtual realities, creative coding, and audience experiences.t

Her latest project Current Affairs, which is currently touring festivals and museums, is an interactive VR experience that takes the viewer on a dive into a plastic polluted ocean. Submerging into a photogrammetry generated landscape, the project is linked to real-time remote sensing data (Argo floats) which keeps the game-play alive and its species interactive.

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