Shuruq Tramontini
Creative Technical Artist


A realtime simulation. 

2023 - ongoing 

Role: Lead Technical Artist, Art Director

Liminal is an empty vessel receiving invisible information in real time through sensors present in the physical environment, or stimuli from the outside. The human form makes subtle gestures, a language which is read by the inhuman entity. In reaction to these gestures, the inhuman entity responds by imparting different behaviors to the humanform. The inhuman entity evolves as it searches for stimuli, as it learns. Its memory is thus amplified over time, beyond the exhibition and the human realm. A brain organoid located in a lab made of few synthetic neural circuits, gives the human form a residual sensory function. As a gatekeeper, subject to pain, the human form rejects unwanted information, thus influencing the learning process of the inhuman entity.

film stills

coming soon